Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tomatoes Everywhere This Saturday!

This weekend is Tomato Fest, and if you were blessed with rain that soaked (not the torrential downpour that knocked tomatoes off the vine), then you're just about ready for Saturday. Here are the specifics in case you need a recap:

His Highness, the Royal Tomato King will preside over two different competitions. First, there will be a Tomato Contest. You can enter tomatoes in four categories:
1. Biggest Tomato
2. Smallest Tomato
3. Most Outrageously Shaped Tomato
4. Miss Congeniality/Personality (for the best decorated tomato; watch that's rough on tomatoes)

Each category has an adult and youth division, so please bring your entries regardless of your age. The Biggest Tomato will be determined based on weight, and the other categories will be at the discretion of the Tomato King; may he be forever fair and just. Entries must be at the market by 8:30 AM.

The second contest that day will be a Vegetable Sculpture Competition. Using fruits and vegetables that can be grown in Missouri (no exotics please, and that means bananas and other things that don't grow here), construct a vegetable sculpture. There will be youth and adult divisions. Winners will be determined by the Tomato King, and entries must be at the market by 8:30 AM.

During the band's break at 10 AM, we'll announce the illustrious winners, and the Tomato King will bestow gifts or certificates on the winners.

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