Thursday, August 12, 2010

And the winners are...

Last weekend's Tomato Fest was a well-attended event, and His Royal Highness, the Tomato King presided with dignity and...well, you be the judge from the photos...but I think there was a fair amount of diginity and grandeur!
Our Tomato King (septer provided by Hamel & Rowe)
The winners in the various categories were as follows:

Biggest Tomato topped the scales at 1.59 pounds, submitted by David Carter of Carter's Produce.

The Smallest Tomato, the size and shape of a jelly bean, was consumed by the Tomato King to verify that it was, in fact, a tomato after spectators were skeptical. Incidentally, no weight was obtained before it was consumed. It was submitted by Kim Mahoney.
The Tomato King and the ever-supportive Court Jester

Jillian Lutz submitted the tomato with the Most Outrageous Shape, a siamese-twin tomato with the halves joined at the stem.
The "Miss Congeniality"/Best Decorated category drew entries in both the adult and youth divisions. Sean Mahoney was praised for his originality with his winning entry of a spider formed from tomatoes, frosting, and paper clips. Gail Kniffen won the adult honors with her "Mr. Tomato Head" entry.

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