Monday, May 23, 2011


The Farmers' Market will be closed this Saturday for the holiday weekend.  Please visit us next Saturday,  June 4th from 8am to 12 Noon. 

Friday, May 13, 2011


We have made a change on the procedure for "bad weather" because we want our Vendors to have every opportunity to share their products and at the same time be safe.  Our procedure is:

If the weather is bad, we may have a rain delay until the storm passes but we will not cancel the Market before 8am. We are opting to wait out the storm. Vendors are welcome to wait in the church until the storm passes. If the storm does not pass and is not predicted to pass or if it is lightning, we will cancel at that time. If a vendor decides not to come because of the weather, they must notify the Market Master, Cindy Valle, but will not be charged for that week.

Vendors are welcomed to call Cindy if there is a question about the weather conditions.


Thank you for being part of our Market and we consider our Vendors as our greatest asset.


Week are looking for a BIG, BEAUTIFUL DAY at the Market Saturday.  We hope you will join us for lots to do and lots to buy.  From fresh produce, fresh baked goods, plants of all kinds, cedar furniture, dry food mixes, woven articles from Alpaca fur, handcrafted jewelry and wooden crafts.  The Bug Doctor will be with us this week also. 

Our produce includes lettuce, onions, asparagus, radishes, kale, broccoli, beets, sugar snap peas, new potatoes, summer squash, strawberries and possibly spinach and cauliflower.  Wow, and we are just at the beginning of the produce season!  So come out and come early to find your favorite produce but stay for the LIVE MUSIC and fun.

Just plan on eating breakfast or lunch with us as there will be fresh baked goods and coffee available.  From 11 to 1 St. Andrew's Church will offer a lunch plate that includes a brat, potato salad, baked beans, chips and dessert for $6.00.  So don't miss the opportunity to join us and MEET US AT THE MARKET!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Would you like something to remember your experience at the De Soto Farmers' Market or maybe something you can help us pass the word about the Market.  Well, come to our new Market "building", located in the Market at the back parking lot of St. Andrew's UMC, 1004 Rock Road, De Soto, and you will be able to select from several exciting items that include:

Tote Bags on Sale for $5.00 May 14th only.  After this week they will be $10.00
Coffee Travel Mugs $10.00 with 10 free refills of coffee. Available on the 1st or 4th Saturday of the month.
Market Cookbooks:  $15.00 All recipes are from our Market vendors and friends.
T-Shirts $10.00

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother Nature

Due to the thunderstorm early this morning it was unsafe for our volunteers and vendors to setup. We are disappointed we had to cancel our opening day. We hope Mother Natures will shine down upon us next Saturday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This Saturday will start our 3rd year of the De Soto Farmer's Market.  We have 20 vendors coming with an array of goods.  It's early in the season for some produce, but vendors will be bringing fresh Butter Crunch Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, New Potatoes, Beets, Broccoli, Red Russian Kale, Dwarf Blue Kale and Asparagus. On top of that, there is a possibility of Fresh Strawberries. 

Other vendors include homemade baked goods, delicious dry mixes, cut flowers, lots of plants for your garden or flower beds, fresh eggs, cedar furniture, wooden crafts, jewelry, handmade soap, items made from Alpaca yarn.  Yes, Alpaca.  Those little furry friends with be with us, live, along with goats and rabbits.  So bring the kids out for a morning of fun. See you Saturday morning and don't forget to stop by the Market Booth to say hello, we'd love to Meet YOU at the Market!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saturday's Meet Me at the Market

This Saturday is the grand opening of the market for the 2011 season. We will have some plants, produce, and baked goods for sale but more about that later. (Vendors don't have to be on the list for Saturday until Friday, so we'll post a list of vendors and their goods later this week.) There are lots of things going on in addition to the sell of products you've come to expect.

There will be live music from 9-11:30 AM, and we'll have some tables and umbrellas set up if you'd like to sit and listen. There will be kids' activities throughout the morning, and I'm not quite certain what Karen has planned, but the kids will no doubt enjoy it. Mr. Wiley will also be present with an antique tractor, and Leo Hancock will be present with Hit & Miss Engines.

Don't forget that we now accept EBT and debit, so if you don't have cash, head to the market master booth. If you can't find it, look for someone in a green apron to point you in the right direction.

The market has a lot of great sponsors this year, so be sure to check out the list on the Sponsorship Information tab at the top.

Reminder for Vendors

If you would like to be a Vendor at the De Soto Farmers' Market during the 2011 season, you must have a current application on file...nope, the one from last year won't work. We need a brand spanking new one (available by emailing us at or by looking under the "Vendor Information" tab at the top of the page). We also need a copy of proof of insurance for the vehicle you will be bringing to the market.

Now, having this documentation in our files is great, but you'll need to let Cindy, Market Master, know which weeks you want to attend. You must contact her by noon the Friday before the date you would like to attend. You'll get a confirmation number to verify your registration, and Cindy will probably ask you what items you'll be bringing. (It's hard to put information about products we'll have at the market if no one share that information to be put on the blog.)

(We still have the restriction of a maximum of 5 artisans per Saturday, so artisans need to try to register as far in advance as possible to ensure a spot.)

On the Saturdays that you vend at the market, you must be set up and ready to go by 7:45 AM. What this means is that you need to have prices clearly marked and your vehicle needs to be moved off the lot (unless you're selling from the back of your vehicle; discuss this with Cindy as soon as you arrive because it isn't always an option).

"But, how," you may ask, "am I to know what prices to set if the vendor two stalls down is also selling tomatoes? I'll never be able to get mine sold if hers are cheaper." This is where being chatty is really helpful. Talk to each other about what you're considering for prices...BEFORE the market opens. It isn't a fail proof method of ensuring that everyones tomatoes sell, but it certainly helps. Cindy will also encourage that you do this when she gathers you up for any announcements before the market opens. Of course, it always helps to arrive early and get these things sorted out, and someone is usually there by 6:30 AM.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Here's the contact information one more time:
Market Email:
Cindy's Email:
Cindy's Cell: 636.208.3391

We hope you will join us on Saturdays. Happy Vending!