Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Announcing Workshops for Growers

In an effort to help local growers optimize their sales at farmers' markets, we've partnered with the University of Missouri Extension to bring you a series of workshops. The workshops focus on the technical aspects of growing as well as some aspects of selling. You are invited to attend as many of the workshops as will benefit you, but we hope you can attend them all! The price is also very reasonable as well: FREE. For more information, please check out the flyer below or call Dean Wilson, Agriculture Specialist with University of Missouri Extension: (636)797-5391. We hope to see you soon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apple Pie Contest Results from Autumn Days

Thank you to all that entered and our judges! We had nine entries.

Judges: Ms. Sue Weber, Mr. Chuck Banks, Mr. Werner Stichling
Junior Division -

First Crust, Hannah McAllister

First Filling, Hannah McAllister

Second Crust, Lacey Warren

Second Crust, Lacey Warren

Junior Division Overall, Hannah McAllister

Adult Division - Overall, Julie Ott

First Crust, Julie Ott

First Filling, Robin Warren

Second Crust, Robin Warren

Second Filling, Julie Ott

Third Crust, Jillian Lutz

Third Filling, Jillian Lutz

Senior Division, Overall, Judy Doyle

First Crust, Walter Lanham

First Filling, Judy Doyle

Second Crust, Judy Doyle

Second Filling, Walter Lanham

Third Crust, Kate Bigelow

Fourth Crust, Kate Bigelow

Best of Show - Julie Ott