Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's In Store...for July 10th

I hope you're ready for zucchini and cucumbers. They are turning out to be bumper crops right now, and we'll have plenty for you this Saturday. Here's the list:

Dennis Barnes-produce
Julie Ott-zucchini, herbs, beans, & other produce
Carter's Produce-chocolate covered blackberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and blackberries
Team Miller Homestead-fresh-baked bread
St. Andrew's-muffins and coffee
Less Stress-gluten free cookies and massages
Steve-cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes, onions, and more
Kim Anderson-string beans and other produce
Grandma Mb's Baked Goods-pies, cookies, and breads
Dan's Produce-assorted produce
Gail Kniffen-plants

Au Naturale Jewelry-hand-crafted jewelry
Bob Novack-dog treats, wood crafts, and more
Stuart J. Lippman-birdhouses, crocheted items, and other crafts
Loring Donahue-crocheted headbands in a variety of colors
Lisa Uzzle-soy candles

The Bug Doctor will also be available to answer questions about garden pests and critters. Ed Null will play music for your enjoyment from 9-11AM as well. We'll see you then.

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