Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tomato Fest

Get ready for Tomato Fest. August 7th will be a celebration of all things tomato. We are anxiously awaiting word from the Honorable Tomato King to find out if we shall be graced with his presence. His crown and scepter await him.

In addition to meeting the Tomato King, we plan on having some tomato and vegetable contests. We'll give you all the details later this week, but here's a preview. Be on the lookout for oddly shaped tomatoes like this one. I spied this one growing on a tomato plant outside Kate Bigelow's house. It could be that I didn't find it exactly like this...(I may have added the fu manchu and eyes with a Sharpie, but you get the idea!) Start mulling over your various plants and veggies because we want everyone to be able to enter the contests. Any be on the lookout for the Honorable Tomato King as well.

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