Thursday, July 15, 2010

Labeling Reminder

For vendors at the market who sell baked goods: please remember to label your products appropriately. There is an example label in the Rules and Regulations that you can use as an example. Also, if the product is made with a mix (cake, brownie, etc.), it must be listed on the label as such. For example, if you make a Chocolate Cherry Cake that uses the following ingredients: devil's food cake mix, cherry pie filling, almond extract, eggs, white sugar, butter, milk, and semisweet chocolate chips, then those items should be listed on the label in order of amount used. You should also state what is in the devil's food cake mix and cherry pie filling so that people are aware of any possible allergens.

Please continue to properly label your goods, so that we can continue to be in compliance with the Jefferson County Health Department. Thanks for your diligence in labeling things thus far.

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