Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday night's Pest Management class was well attended by vendors and backyard growers. Dr. Lee Eavy, Entomologist (or as you know him at the market, The Bug Doctor), discussed the importance of integrated pest management in regards to organic growing. We discussed the importance of good soil rich in micro-organisms and how to handle those pesky squash bugs. Sorry, folks no simple, fast and quick solutions to that foe. However, you may have noticed that Japanese Beetles are on the prowl. The Bug Doctor informed us that traps set out down wind of our gardens will help reduce the Japanese Beetle population. (Just be sure to empty the traps on a daily basis, sending the beetles into a bucket of soapy water!) Samples of unidentified critters were brought in to be identified as friend or foe.

If you could not make this workshop, but are interested in learning more about growing for yourself or the market keep a lookout for notices regarding our upcoming bramble workshop and local farm tours!

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