Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trails Around the Market

Our June 26th Special Event, Trails Around the Market will showcase many opportunities to get moving at your own pace. Several surrounding streets will be closed for a run, bikeride, or leisurely stroll. Kids can run an obstacle course, then for a $1 donation get their face painted by Bordeaux Dance Studio. The Kids' Safe House will teach children how to safely escape a burning home, and jump ropes and hula hoops will be around for all ages. Parachute play activites are open to the whole family, and courts for Volleyball and Badminton will await your playtime. Try Tai chi from 8am-9:30am; a free-flowing, low-impact martial art suitable for those who prefer a slow pace. Watch yourself though; Thai chi can be challenging enough to give a fit 20 year old a reason to push themselves. Zumba Especial will inspire us all with the abilites of those with special needs from 10am-10:15am, and the rousing rythmns of Zumba start at 10:15am and run through 11am. You might try to reduce your stress with Yoga from 11am till noon as well!

For the hoops crowd, BBall is available for full play or practicing free throws (HORSE anyone?). For those who wish to try their aim, two washers stations have been donated by a vendor, and if you wish to try your hand at boxing, a bounce boxing ring with huge inflated padded gloves is available. (Not recommended for resolving marital disputes.)

There is something for everyone to get moving!

Adjacent to the De Soto Farmers’ Market on Mineral St. (Between Washington and Donnelly) and 10th St. (Between Mineral St. and Dale).

Red portions of the streets will be closed.
Parking available on all other portions.

For more information: Call Debby Campbell at 636-586-4570.

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