Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pony Rides at the Market

The Jefferson and Franklin County Horse Bowl Team has won the Missouri State Horse Bowl Competition. They now have the privilege to compete in the National Horse Bowl Competition in Lexington, Kentucky and would like to raise money for their trip. Starting June 19th (and continuing every third Saturday through October), they will offer pony rides at the Market from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. They will be bringing two horses that are well-trained and calm and will charge $1.50 for one large lap around the grassy area at the Market. Helmets will be provided and required for children who are riding. Only children eight and over will be allowed to ride due to insurance restrictions. Younger kids will be able to pet and feed
animals though because the girls are going to bring some Miniature Horses, baby goats, chickens, and bunnies as well.

This is a good opportunity to support some local youth who excel at working with animals, and we hope that you'll come out and take a lap. The following girls are members of the Jefferson and Franklin County Horse Bowl Team: Ashleigh Redman, Kat Miller, Emma Knickmeyer, and Rebekah Redman.

In case you aren't familiar with Horse Bowl Competitions, here's the objective from the 4-H Horsemanship Manual. "The primary objective of Horse Bowl contests is to provide an opportunity for youth enrolled in 4-H horse projects to demonstrate their knowledge of equine related subject matter in a competitive setting where attitudes of friendliness and fairness prevail. It is also hoped that these contests will provide an educational experience for both participants and spectators." The questions covered in the competitions hit on these categories:
a. Nutrition and Feeds
b. Breeding, Genetics, and Reproduction
c. Anatomy-Parts of the Horse
d. Physiology-Body Systems
e. History and Evolution
f. Training and Psychology
g. Showing, Show Procedures and Uses
h. Diseases and Unsoundnesses
i. Parasitology
j. Horse Judging, Conformation and Gaits
k. Tack, Equipment, and Housing
l. Breeds, Breed Associations, colors & markings

And just so you know how serious these competitions are, you can download the 37 page manual about how competitions are set-up and scored by going to this website: And this is just the manual for Missouri!

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