Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 2010 Recap

The Market won't be open on Saturday, May 29th, so this seems an appropriate time to recap what a great season we've had so far! We had a lovely carrot roaming the Market on opening day, and there were loads of community organizations there to share news about what they do in De Soto. The police dog demonstration was a huge success, and there were plenty of volunteer cheeks, noses, and foreheads for the face painting.

We did have a vendor with a fair amount of strawberries, but they were gone in a flash! Word spread quickly, and anyone who wanted them at 9AM was just out of luck.

We also had our first vendor with maple syrup and sorghum. That's certainly an addition to the Market and needed since many of last year's honey producers are out until honey harvest. We should all start swopping recipes for molasses cookies!

In addition to these new vendors, we also have several returning vendors...and many have increased the volume of their goods. There has been some good looking lettuce and bedding plants from several vendors. One man was able to track down icicle radishes (something he had been searching for at local grocers for some time), and some of our artisans have returned with birdhouses, jewelry, and furniture. One new artisan has put her sewing machine to work and has lovely little dresses for sell.

You'll have to come to the Market to check out the rest...but not next weekend. We'll see you June 5th!

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