Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Market Master

In case you haven't heard, the De Soto Farmers' Market was the recipient of a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health. That grant has allowed us to hire our first Market Master. "Now, wait a minute", you might think..."we had Market Masters last year", and you'd be correct. However, this year we went through a hiring process and our Market Master is actually going to receive monetary compensation for her time during the market. (She's also volunteering for far more hours than we could possibly pay her.)
We thought it was important to hire someone who was familiar with our market and doesn't mind getting up extremely early on Saturdays. We found the perfect person: Cindy Valle. Her name may seem familiar because she was a Market Master last year, but you'll see a lot more of her at the market this year. Be careful of her unimposing nature; she's quite the Cadillac of Market Masters (my words, not hers). She will have all the bells (or at least the one we use to start the market) and whistles. (No, we don't really have whistles.)
She knows how to work the EBT machine, she can reference the Rules and Regulations like she's been sleeping with it next to her bed for years, and she knows most of you already. It's going to be a fabulous year!

Her service on the steering committee for the market has been invaluable, and we are looking forward to her being a constant throughout this season. Be sure you stop by and tell her hello when you see her on Saturday.

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