Friday, September 23, 2011

What's at the Market September 24th

Here are the Vendors for this week's Market:

Sandy View Farms-Fresh produce and fresh, frozen, Angus beef.

DAP's-Dry mixes, fresh baked goods, dog treats.

Julie Ott's Produce-Fresh produce and fresh baked goods.

Contrell Honey Farm-Local pure honey.

Grandview Farms-Lye soap.

Ladies of Grace-Handcrafted items and fresh baked goods.

Wood Unlimited-Handcrafted cedar furniture and items.

Betsy Irelan-Handcrafted jewelry.

Margaret Pillen-Handcrafted quilts, blankets, jams, butters and fresh baked goods.

Sew-it-all Creations-Handcrafted aprons and hats.

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