Friday, May 13, 2011


We have made a change on the procedure for "bad weather" because we want our Vendors to have every opportunity to share their products and at the same time be safe.  Our procedure is:

If the weather is bad, we may have a rain delay until the storm passes but we will not cancel the Market before 8am. We are opting to wait out the storm. Vendors are welcome to wait in the church until the storm passes. If the storm does not pass and is not predicted to pass or if it is lightning, we will cancel at that time. If a vendor decides not to come because of the weather, they must notify the Market Master, Cindy Valle, but will not be charged for that week.

Vendors are welcomed to call Cindy if there is a question about the weather conditions.


Thank you for being part of our Market and we consider our Vendors as our greatest asset.

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