Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Shenandoah Soaps

Kelly Berger is the vendor behind Shenandoah Soaps. She's originally from De Soto but now lives in St. Louis. She'll be at the market this weekend selling handmade lye soap, lotion bars, handmade-crocheted washcloths, & handbags. She has a website that you might enjoy checking out:, or if you'd like to contact her outside the market, you can always email her.
Kelly is new to the market this year, but she's excited to be a part of our market. Her favorite part is seeing so many people that she knows and meeting the many new ones. She also gave us kudos for emphasising healthy living and for being so friendly and open, so be sure to stop by her booth. You'll have to ask her about her next endeavor: upcycled items! She only sells at the De Soto Farmers' Market, so if you missed her, be sure to check out her website or email her.

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