Thursday, September 9, 2010

4-H Beginning Horsemanship Clinics

The Dreamcatcher's 4-H Club National Horse Bowl team is offering a ten hour, week long course, to introduce new riders to the basic techniques and theory involved in caring for, training, and riding horses.

Youth, ages 8-18, will have the opportunity to groom, lead and ride a horse. They will be taught basic safety in both working on the ground with their horse and when mounted. They will be introduced to theory which will cover horse anatomy, parts of tack, and basic management practices. Youth will also learn exercises which will prepare them to ride with a balanced seat.

Up to 18 youth will be divided into three groups so that each student gets a maximum amount of personalized instruction. The groups will rotate through a ground station, theory station and riding station at each meeting. Upon completion of the course students should be able to safely lead, groom, mount, dismount, and control their horse while riding in an arena. They will also be familiar with the parts of the horse, saddle, and bridle, and have a basic understanding of the management practices involved in owning and caring for a horse.

Students will be enrolled in 4-H as a part of participating in the course, which will enable them to access 4-H materials to continue their study in horsemanship. This clinic is designed to introduce your children to the joy of working with horses and encourage more families to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities 4-H offers.

For more information about the available dates, check out the 4-H calendar of events.

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