Tuesday, March 9, 2010

De Soto Farmers' Market Cookbook

It's time to dust off your mother's recipe box and dig through your old home economics book that you kept but can't remember just why.

The De Soto Farmers' Market is planning to put together a cookbook this year, and we want you to submit recipes of all sorts for consideration. We will most likely begin accepting recipes in April and May; maybe even later this month. The details about submission haven't been ironed out yet, but we will let you know as soon as details are available. Most likely, we will be looking for healthy recipes that include some of the produce that can be purchased at the market and other fruits and vegetables. (I've got a great recipe for mashed sweet potatoes that is fabulous.)

Of course, until the final submission details are worked out, we'll just pretend we're in NASCAR with a yellow flag. We'll do laps around our kitchens gathering up good recipes until the pace car leaves the track and the green flag emerges. And for the non-NASCAR fans, please forgive the ridiculous analogy.

Gather your recipes.

(Note: Swerving through your kitchen to "keep your tires warm" may not be acceptable in some households.)

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