Sunday, February 27, 2011

Social Event of the Year

The Jefferson County Soils and Crops Conference will be held on Saturday, March 26th. It's the 87th time for the event, so that means if you haven't made it in the past, you've missed the Jefferson County Social Event of the Year 86 times! How you've managed to survive without your annual dosage of "Farm Family of the Year" presentations, 4-H auctions, and great exhibits is unknown to me, but it's high time you get into the spirit of Soils and Crops and join us. The event will be held at Hillsboro High School, and there's dinner and presentations and exhibits throughout the evening. If you're interested in attending, please call the Jefferson County Extension office to make reservations: 636.797.5391. I certainly won't miss it, and I hope you can make it too.

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