Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Pie Contest

On October 23rd, the market will host the 2nd Annual Apple Pie Contest. Last year's winners are, I'm sure, already hard at work. Here's a bit about the contest and expectations for the event. If you have questions, please contact Darlene at St. Andrew's since she's the one that heads up the pie contest (586.2472).

Apple Pie Contest Rules
  • Pies must be delivered to De Soto Farmers’ Market between 8:00-9:00AM
  • Pies should be in a disposable pie plate
  • Contest is open to all.

There are three categories:
Junior Division ages: 5-17
Adult Division ages: 18-49
Senior Adult Division ages: 50+

Pies will be judged on Appearance, Taste and Consistency. All pies entered become property of the De Soto Farmers’ Market. (That sounds kind of sinister doesn't it, but there's a good reason.) The pies will then be sold for tasting by market visitors with the proceeds going to the market for next year's event. Winners will be announced on the main stage at the end of judging.

Judging Criteria

Appearance (1-10)


Basic eye appeal. To what extent does the whole pie entice you to want to try it? Is the decoration creative and appetizing?

After Slice:

A single slice unveils the looks and consistency of the filling and crust. Pies should have generous, well distributed fruit as well as, good color and definition. The servibility of the pie will also be considered.

Taste & Texture – Crust (1-30) and Filling (1-30)

Crust & Filling:

The judges will evaluate two primary components of a pie – individually and then as a combined entity. These two components are the crust and the filling. They should first each stand on their own merits; and then blend together into a great combination. The judges will evaluate aspects of the crust first, then the filling. Here are some aspects they will consider:


Nice aroma.

Pleasant, uniform flavors. All ingredients taste fresh and are well balanced. A complimentary use of spices and seasonings that is not overpowering. Generally, crust has a pleasant, mild flavor that complements the filling. However, in some specialty pies, the crust may be used to help create flavor accents.

Mouth feel:

Smooth, uniform liquids, moderately viscous, with no chalky, gritty, pasty textures. Fruit should be well distributed, have good definition and be firm, but not overly crisp. Pastry crust should be flaky and melt in your mouth, should not be greasy or oily.

Crust Consistency:

Pastry crusts should be flaky and delicate, but not fall apart too easily. They should melt in your mouth with a mild, pleasant taste that complements the filling. They should be a light golden color, baked throughout and an even thickness across the side and bottom. The crimp should seal thoroughly all the way around the pie.


Generally, most crusts should have very subtle aftertastes. Aftertastes may vary widely in fillings, however, the important aspect of an aftertaste in pie tasting is whether it is unpleasant and for how long it lingers.

Overall Flavor/Taste (1-30)

This is the judges’ final chance to rate the pie overall. What makes a good pie? Here is a brief guideline for what traditional wisdom makes a good pie…


Flaky, melt in your mouth consistency that has a mild, pleasant flavor and is baked evenly throughout to a light golden color. The crust should have a tight seal around the edges.


Smooth uniform components with pleasant aroma and flavor which matches the advertised flavor, appealing color, and a nice aftertaste. Fruit used in quality pies should be well defined; good size, evenly distributed and have a firm, but not overly crisp, texture.

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