Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sept. 19th Featured Vendor

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Contact info:

Who are you? What do you sell? How and why did you get started?
Debbie & I have been friends since jr high school in Webster Groves, we both wound out here living about 2 miles from each other. I make goat’s milk soaps & bath, balms, & salve items, do a lot of canning, make birds & butterfly houses out of gourds & wood. And Debbie makes muffins, pies, and hopes to start making goat cheese soon and produce. I got started because I would like to get this business going well so I can retire from my job and have money coming in plus I like what I make.

Debbie is also doing her stuff for the same reasons so we decided to work together.

What do you like about selling at Farmers’ Markets?
The customers & vendors who like the same things I like. Meeting the other vendors and seeing what they sell and try and get ideas on how to advertise and sell my wares better. And hoping having products that are good for people and that they like.

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